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ODDA Associates are businesses that are closely involved with the dating and social discovery sector. Associates share a commitment to standards and user trust.

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ActiveFence ActiveFence is a leading tool stack for Trust & Safety teams, worldwide. By relying on ActiveFence’s end-to-end solution, Trust & Safety teams – of all sizes – can keep users safe from the widest spectrum of online harms, unwanted content, and malicious behavior. Find out more
BrightCheck BrightCheck champions safer online dating. It empowers users with essential insights for confident online connections. Using advanced AI, BrightCheck provides thorough safety checks on connections including Anti-Catfish Verification, Social Media, and Background Checks, fostering a secure space for everyone. Embracing "knowledge is power," BrightCheck equips people with the information necessary for informed choices online. Find out more
Checkstep Checkstep is an AI-driven content moderation platform that helps businesses keep their online space safe and secure. Find out more
CoinStructive CoinStructive is a Web3 and cryptocurrency investigations firm. They utilize their team of experts and forensic tools to bridge the gap between victims and law enforcement. Find out more
Cove Cove is a modern, AI-powered Trust & Safety tool that helps platforms keep their users safe. Cove's easily customizable AI models allow Trust & Safety teams to automatically detect abuse, and Cove's moderation dashboard helps streamline manual review, investigations, and compliance. Find out more
Global Dating Insights
Global Dating Insights Global Dating Insights (GDI) is the leading source of news, information and analysis for the online dating industry. Find out more
Incode Technologies
Incode Technologies Incode Technologies is revolutionizing the trust industry by transforming Identity Verification and Authentication across every major vertical. Incode serves the Financial Services, Gaming, Hospitality, Government and Entertainment sectors with the most accurate, flexible, and easy-to-integrate proprietary identity solutions. Find out more
Irisnet irisnet is a German based software company and part of the stock listed net digital AG. It provides Video, Live Streaming & Image moderation services with its own developed software solution that is based on artificial intelligence with more than 300 million trainings so far. irisnet AI solution supports issues in Face detection, Attributes, Nudity, Overlaying text, Unwanted Symbols and substances, Violence, Youth protection or ID checks. It can protect services, brands and properties and detects everything a human being can see - only faster. Find out more
Scamalytics Scamalytics award-winning technology incorporates machine learning, real time detection, text pattern analysis and image recognition that works seamlessly to help eliminate scammers from dating sites. Find out more
Sightengine Sightengine has been a leader in Automated Content Moderation since 2013. Sightengine helps platforms and apps keep their users safe with accurate, scalable solutions for Image, Video and Text Moderation. They cover more than 60 different categories of online harms, unwanted content and abusive behaviour. Find out more
Sterling Sterling (NASDAQ: STER) — a leading provider of background and identity services — helps create people-first cultures built on a foundation of trust and safety. Sterling’s tech-enabled services help organisations across all industries, including some of the largest gig businesses, establish great environments for their workers, partners, and customers. With operations around the world, Sterling conducts more than 95 million background checks annually. Find out more
Thorn Thorn envisions a world where cutting-edge technology is proactively developed to defend children. The organization works with tech companies to help any platform with an upload button to detect, review, and report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) at scale. Find out more
Tremau Tremau is a fast-growing start-up helping build a digital world that is safe and beneficial for all by delivering best-in-class Trust & Safety software and advisory services. Concretely, at Tremau we have developed the next-generation intelligent content moderation solution to help online platforms address the inefficiencies and compliance challenges to protect their users from illegal and harmful content. In parallel, we help some of the world’s largest tech platforms understand their new regulatory risks, assess the operational implications of their new obligations, undertake systemic risk assessments, and prepare mitigation plans. Find out more
Unitary Unitary is an AI company specialising in content understanding tools for online safety. Through advanced machine learning models, Unitary analyzes and interprets visual content in context, aiding platforms in navigating the digital landscape in compliance with evolving online safety regulations. Find out more
WebPurify WebPurify has been a leader in the content moderation space since 2006. They combine the latest AI with human moderation services to provide accurate and scalable solutions that protect brands and enforce their community standards. Find out more

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