Our new Associate, Sightengine, share why they are thrilled to have joined the ODDA

With thanks to the team at Sightengine.

We’re super thrilled to share some big news with you today. Sightengine has officially joined the Online Dating and Discovery Association (ODDA)! 🎉

This is a huge step for us and a giant leap towards creating safer, more genuine connections online.

The ODDA is all about setting high standards of conduct for online dating services. It’s like the guardian angel of the online dating world, ensuring that all its members adhere to guidelines that protect users and give them a better, safer online dating experience. And now, Sightengine is part of this growing community!

Why is this big news? Let’s break it down.

A Commitment to Safety

By joining the ODDA, Sightengine underscores its commitment to safety in the online dating scene. We’re all about using cutting-edge technology to create environments where people can meet and connect without fear. Our tools are designed to detect and manage inappropriate content, making sure that everyone’s online dating experience is nothing but positive.

Innovation for Trust & Safety

Content Moderation

Inappropriate content has no place on a dating app. Sightengine’s content moderation API can automatically detect and filter out nudityviolencegorehate and more from user profiles and messages. This keeps the platform clean and respectful, fostering a positive and safe environment for users.

Scam and Spoof Detection

Spoofing, where users attempt to deceive the system with manipulated images or fake identities, is another challenge. Sightengine’s spoof detection capabilities can identify synthetic images, non-natural images or those that might be used to trick profile verification systems. Our APIs cover for instance:

Behavioral Analysis

Ensuring respectful interaction among users is crucial. Sightengine offers text moderation tools that can analyze messages for toxic behavior, including harassment, hate speech, and discriminatory language. This proactive approach to moderation helps maintain respectful communication channels.

As users chat for example, the API monitors the conversation in real-time. Any message flagged by our rules engine or by our text moderation ML for toxic content is either blocked from being sent or flagged for human review, depending on the platform’s policies.

Looking Ahead

We’re not stopping here. Joining the ODDA is just the start. Sightengine is committed to pioneering new ways to make online interactions safer and more genuine. We’re excited to collaborate with other members of the ODDA to raise the bar for online dating safety standards.

Join us to stay tuned for updates on how we’re making online dating safer and even more exciting. Your trust and safety are our top priority, and we’re just getting started on this journey.

Here’s to making meaningful connections in a safer online world! 🥂

The Sightengine Team