Mental Wellness in Content Moderation

In the course of working with hundreds of brands across varying industries over the last 17 years, the team at WebPurify often finds ourselves discussing the best approaches to human moderation. Questions about best practices, our own mental health program, and how we’ve grown and maintained such a motivated, cared for and effective in-house team are common. Even if a company opts to only use our AI services, we always enjoy sharing what we’ve done to foster an office environment that prioritizes moderator safety. We lead the industry in this regard and feel it’s something that sets us apart.

At a certain point compiling our best practices and recommendations in an e-book just made sense. Whether you’re revamping your own in-house wellness program or vetting 3rd party moderation solutions to ensure they’re taking care of their employees, we hope our collective experience – compiled in one place – will be of help.

You can read WebPurify’s guide here.