ODA 2024 – Building for the Future

The ODA has published a consultation document “Dating 2024”, which looks at where the Association would like to be in five years.

Originally set up by a small number of operators with activity centred in the UK it has made a real difference in how dating services are seen by regulators, law enforcement, the media and others. It has “normalised” an activity that was seen as problematic or worrisome for various reasons five years ago.

In the consultation the ODA demonstrates there is a need now to strengthen its voice and ability to inform and influence, and to do so in ways that are valuable to operators in many or all markets in Europe and in the US and elsewhere.

The proposals it outlines include:

  • being more inclusive as it develops standards, user advice and other content
  • explaining and celebrating the distinct characteristics of dating services and why they should be treated appropriately
  • ways that involve and benefit companies with wide cross border interests in markets beyond the UK.

The ODA makes clear in its document that there is a need now for a broader stronger membership that gives the ODA the credibility and capacity to deliver on the strategy and goals.