Spectrum Labs joins the ODA

The ODA is pleased to announce that Spectrum Labs has become an Associate.

Spectrum Labs helps online dating companies recognise and respond to toxic behaviour in real time, across languages.

Its context-sensing AI accurately detects disruptive behaviours that can plague online dating companies, like sex solicitation, sexual harassment, sexual grooming and trafficking, while also identifying underage users. Guardian, its user interface, helps moderation teams at online dating companies digitize their community policies, develop automated responses for certain behaviours, escalate sensitive incidents for team review and see how healthy their community is against industry benchmarks and their own KPIs.

George Kidd, ODA Chief Executive said

“I am really pleased to welcome Spectrum as a partner of the ODA. They have a visible commitment to standards and user safety, and wide experience in moderation particularly with US companies. The role that Spectrum plays in online safety is a great fit for our global Safety First Initiative. We look forward to working with Spectrum to help improve user trust and safety in dating services.”

“We’re honoured to partner with the ODA,” said Justin Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Spectrum Labs. “We have long been admirers of the ODA’s work and values, and believe our partnership will help online dating platforms grow and thrive safely.”



For more information

Ann Austin (ODA Secretary) – info@onlinedatingassociation.org.uk

Merredith Branscombe – merredith@getspectrum.io



About the ODA

ODA Associate status is available to businesses that share the ODA’s objectives for high standards and a healthy market. Associates are not “members”, but their services and actions must never bring the reputation of the ODA or industry into disrepute but should reflect a shared commitment to standards and user trust. More information about becoming an ODA Associate can be found

The ODA was set up in 2014 to develop and maintain standards that give users assurance and ensure businesses trade responsibly. It seeks also to inform policy makers and to promote messages to users that minimise the risk of harm.

More information about ODA’s Safety First Initiative can be found here.

About Spectrum

Founded in 2016, Spectrum Labs’ Contextual AI platform helps online communities grow by recognizing and responding to disruptive or toxic behaviours — like radicalisation, sexual grooming, harassment and cyberbullying — in real time, across languages, platform and content types. Spectrum is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit: getspectrum.io