Webinar: Investors’ current view of the online dating sector

Dan Salmon, Partner & Head of U.S Internet Research at New Street Research, will join us to review the investment community’s current view of the online dating sector. Dan will discuss the top issues on investors’ minds today, including new AI innovations, evolving pricing and marketing strategies, and the potential for legislative/policy impact on the sector, including the implementation of the Digital Markets Act and potential changes to Apple and Google’s app store policies.

The New Street team’s work is anchored by their proprietary industry model, which details their expectations for users, payers, revenue per payer and total sector revenue out to 2030, and we’ll review the latest quarterly update during the session. Dan will also discuss the latest trends in key performance indicators for the major public companies (monthly active users, app downloads, payers, revenue per payer, profit margins, etc.) and review the outlook for their merger and acquisition strategies.

A recording will be made available to all those registered for this event. 

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