Webinar: The Victim’s Journey to Justice

12 December 2023  |   3:00pm to 4:00pm GMT  |   Online

In our final webinar of 2023, Chris Groshong of CoinStructive, Inc. will explore “The Victim’s Journey to Justice”. In his 4+ years of working with victims, all of whom are persuaded into using crypto as the preferred form of wealth extraction, he’s seen a growing trend.

Chris understands the challenges victims of crypto scams face after the crime is revealed. CoinStructive deconstructs the lifecycle of a forensic crypto investigation, and highlights the discrepancies between the work needed by law enforcement and their current capabilities. Solutions are explored to ensure every victim has a chance at justice, while preventing the chance of being revictimized.

Learn how legitimate forensic services help scam victims and what they need to effectively start the recovery process, and how to help the most vulnerable clients.

A recording will be made available to all those registered for this event.

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