Webinar: Threat Intelligence and its role in Trust and Safety


29 November 2023  |   3:00pm to 4:00pm GMT  |   Online

While algorithms, operational rigor, and thoughtful policy creation play a critical role in Trust & Safety’s success, intelligence has a special role in keeping the Trust and Safety team ahead of the curve. Bad actors are getting more sophisticated in circumventing safety mechanisms, but eventually, they work collaboratively to establish procedures & techniques. Intelligence brings these inside chatters to Trust and Safety, thus allowing teams to identify the gaps in their protections and close them before being exploited by bad actors.

This webinar will walk the audience through some of the more sophisticated evasion techniques and how intelligence helps platforms keep their users safe.

Our panellists from ActiveFence are Inbal Goldberger, VP of Trust and Safety, and Tomer Poran, VP of Solution Strategy.

A recording will be made available to all those registered for this event.

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