Webinar: What you really need to know about the Digital Services Act (DSA)

Join us on 8 November to learn about the DSA in layman’s terms with simple, actionable advice and the how and when.

During this webinar, our guests Checkstep and Bird & Bird will be discussing the DSA in layman’s terms with simple, actionable advice for you, and answering the big question …”what do I need to implement, how and by when?”.

They will also show you what a DSA compliant content moderation flow should look like and discuss the following:

  • What is the DSA, when does it come into effect, why do we need it?
  • Intermediaries and platforms: what categories are there and how do you fit in?
  • What obligations you have, and how we expect them to be enforced
  • Policies: Why are these pivotal for content moderation and how Checkstep maintains DSA compliant policies
  • Statement of reasons: What needs to be included and when do they need to be issued? A demonstration of what this looks like in the real world and how Checkstep automates Statement of Reasons.

Kieron Maddison, Product Manager and Head of Public Policy at Checkstep, will bring his expertise in the areas of Trust & Safety, Privacy, Risk & Compliance as we explore the new regulations. He will be joined by Heather Catchpole, Associate at Bird & Bird working in their Privacy & Data Protection team.

Checkstep specialise in helping online platforms to automate content moderation and be compliant with online harm regulations.

A recording will be made available to all those registered for this event.

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